Our Strategic Direction

Mytime Active was founded in 2004, and has been successful in increasing participation and in growing the areas and sectors of operation, all while ensuring it is commercially sustainable.

However, a decade after being founded, the political and commercial context is different. There has been a growth in concerns about lifestyle related health issue, especially levels of obesity and inactivity. Participation in golf has declined across the UK and Europe. The low cost gym model has radically changed the value gym proposition. There have also been changes within Mytime Active as the founding Chief Executive retired in 2014 and his successor, Marg Mayne was appointed to strengthen commercial and health expertise.

In December 2014, the Board commissioned the development of a new strategy for Mytime Active. The executive have worked to consider the strengths and weaknesses of the company, the market opportunities and threats, and to consolidate the findings into a clear direction for moving forward. In doing so, the Directors have involved the Trustees, the senior management group and the wider group of general managers and heads of department.

The resulting strategy is one that sets direction going forward. The main themes are:

Building on strengths

This strategy builds on the strengths of our existing businesses and expertise: A decade of high performance in running a large group of leisure centres, a leading position as the second largest golf operator in the UK, an early entrant into the public health market, and owner of a child weight management product that is arguably the market leader in its field.

It also builds on the existing social mission of Mytime Active. By clarifying why we exist, naming the measures by which we define success, and committing to evidence our outcomes, it is explicit that everything we do has to demonstrate social as well as commercial value.

Integrated offer to customers

The strategy seeks to remove the internal obstacles that have prevented integration happening in the past and to make a step change in creating an integrated offer for the customer. We will treat customers as members, and take them on a journey through a range of Mytime Active offerings. There is also value in an integrated approach for the public authorities that are our clients, and it chimes with our ambition to improve the overall health and wellbeing across the communities where we operate.

Invest and Grow

This is a strategy for growth. Our aim is to double our turnover and cash generation, as well as grow our impact. The growth is possible because of the sound position we are currently in - a solid business with strong cash flows, healthy reserves and substantial borrowing capacity. We believe it would be a waste of the company assets if we did not invest. The strategy provides a framework that prioritises investment across services and geography, as well as establishing clear commercial returns that need to be achieved. We are fortunate in being able to take the long term perspective, and see this investment corresponding with growth going forward.

Strengthen and consolidate

This strategy is grounded in realism. We will invest in putting the right systems, infrastructure and people behind us. We recognise that some of this is currently under pressure, and inadequate for the future.

We also intend to invest in our people and their skills and competencies. We need our people to be a differentiator, achieving high engagement and high performance not simply as a "nice to have" but as a focused and realistic response to the competitive people market we are in.